I can’t face another bean…

… or another raspberry for that matter.  This year I weighed my produce and kept a tally.  To date I have picked 10.5 pounds of runner beans and 11.5 pounds of raspberries (all varieties).  And they keep coming – the early raspberries have just started a second crop with this weird weather we’re having.  I froze a lot of beans early on, and still occasionally freeze a few, but I gave 12 ounces to the plumber in the week because I didnt want to eat them, and even the guinea pigs are turning their noses up at them, with a ‘what, again??’ expression.

Raspberries are also in the freezer, loose as they were, as granita, as frozen yoghurt, and stored in the garage as jam.  Four batches.  Although the batches were small each time, admittedly, but I reckon I have around 6 or 7 pounds of jam by now.  I’m not complaining, mind you, just fed up with finding other ways to eat them.  Fresh, crumbled, crumbled with something else, streusel cake, I even tried fooling them one time.

And now I have some more strawberries ripening.  Well, that’s nice, I like a fresh strawberry every now and then, and fresh strawberries in October is a bit of a novelty!

The tomatoes have nearly finished ripening, and the amounts look impressive but I havent had nearly as many as usual.  I’ve only done one batch of tomato sauce so far and that won’t see me through to February like it did last winter.  But I picked over 2 pounds just now so I might make a batch of tomato sauce tonight.  Along with a mushroom and pepper sauce for my spaghetti.  I have had a few nice green peppers, and have discovered that my other pepper, the purple Trifetti from the Heritage Seed collection at Garden Organic, is in fact a chilli type, but quite mild (i.e. it didn’t take my mouth off when I tasted it raw).

The other day I tidied the bed the corn had been in, leaving the beetroot to grow a bit more and also leaving in some self-seeded ribwort plantain which the guinea pigs like, but sowing some winter tares as green manure around them.  The packet says best for heavy soils which I dont remember from the Garden Organic guide, but vetch grows well round here and I think they are the vetch family, so hopefully they can do double duty as green manure and winter greens for the guinea pigs.  I’m having to water all the veg beds though.  28 degrees on the 1st October, whatever next?  Who doesn’t believe in climate change?

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