Things to watch in the sky

Thanks to the Sky At Night, the BBC’s wonderful programme, I have a list of nice things to look for in my loaned telescope over the next couple of months.  I was right in my assumpiton that the planet in the east in the evening is Jupiter, and judging from their pictures I also did see a Jupiter moon through the binoculars one time 🙂  I hope I get a better look at it through John’s telescope.

The main things I’ll be looking for are in the Pegasus & Andromeda area, where there are some interesting stars – I can find the great Square of Pegasus quite easily, thank goodness.  And leading on from there are a number of galaxies which should be visible with a small telescope, including the one in Andromeda itself, which is practically a twin to our own.  I must remember to keep a log book.

It’s too cloudy and windy to set the scope up tonight though.  I’ve tried a couple of times and either I didnt have it set right (now worked out during the day) or it’s been cloudy or just too windy or hazy.  But soon the weather will be just right!

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