Spice cupcakes

One of my links on the sidebar on the home page is a cookery one, and I noticed a rather tasty sounding recipe there the other day for Spice Cupcakes wih Banana Buttercream topping.  Mmm, I thought, and checked out the recipe.  It’s at a very nice site called Baking with Basil.  And I discovered that I had most of the ingredients in, provided I got some more butter or its equivalent, and improvised a little on things that are commonly used in the USA but not so much here.

All went well, although I found the instructions a little backward from what I’m used to doing.  Next time I’ll cream the butter and sugar together add the egg and then the flour and spices like I’d normally do, but I gave it a go the way the recipe said and used my Mum’s hand-held electric whisk which I inherited.  I didn’t have all the spices, but some mixed spice, cinnamon and grated nutmeg did the trick just fine, and I used self-raising flour with a touch more baking powder to replace the all-purpose flour, baking soda and bicarbonate of soda.  And I grated an apple for the applesauce and used ordinary milk instead of buttermilk! The oven was set at 180 C for a fan assisted one, and I halved the quantities to fit in one 12x muffin tin lined with fairy cake cases which I have probably had for ten years!

And the cupcakes came out looking beautiful and smelling delicious.  Then I let them cool and set to with the buttercream ‘frosting’. Well, unfortunately I ran out of icing sugar, so although the icing /topping is ok (and nice and bananery) its not as stiff as it might be for a proper butter icing.  But it’s fine, and very tasty.  I had one with my afternoon cup of tea.  Quality control, you know.

I must work out a proper translation of ‘cups’ of things into the usual either grams or ounces that I can cook in much more easily!



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