Using more electricity?

I was looking at my electricity bill and checking my record for the meter readings and thinking that my average use seems to be creeping up.  Which is not a good thing.  There’s a little note on my spreadsheet that I seem to use more here than I did at my last house, but then again, I worked away from home during the day then, so didn’t have the computer on all day, lots of hot drinks using the kettle, and probably not a lunchtime hot or at least heated up meal either.  I think I cook more and bake more here (in fact I hardly ever baked things before, and a lot of this is down to having fresh, locally grown, if not home grown, food to use). 

But recently I have been lazy about leaving the computer on when I’m not planning to use it in the next hour or so, and ditto for the tv, which with the switch to digital programming uses a lot more than analogue since there are four boxes that are either on or on standby when the tv is on: the tv itself (which is never on standby), the Freeview box (which is sometimes on standby but mainly on if the tv is on), the DVD recorder (mostly on standby when the tv is on) and the aerial signal booster that is needed in our rural location (on when the tv is on, which wuld have been the same for digital or analogue).  So I need to get back into good habits of not leaving things on if I’m not using them.

I think the new boiler fitted last year (a spike in electricity use due to halogen heating in one room for ten days) actually uses less electricity as it had an efficient pump fitted at the same time.  The new washing machine is supposed to be energy efficient but fills from cold, even if I mostly wash on 30 or 40 degrees.  I’ve made a huge amount of investment n low-energy lights, including LEDs to replace the halogen ones, and am just about to replace those in the kitchen, which I hardly use as the strip lights under the cupboards give a nice light and are lower energy use.  But I have them on nearly all the time, and I think the LEDs in the kitchen will use less and give a nice light now we’ve got good quality LEDs.

So I just need to watch general use a bit more closely.  Although when I compared the use by quarter, the average didnt seem so bad.  I know its all powered by renewable energy, but I still ought to be using less.

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