Apple Butter

My neighbour Caroline occasionally leaves bags, usually of apples, at my door if she comes round when I’m out.  I’m extremely grateful for these, especially as our apple crop was zilch this year. With cooking apples, sometimes I peel and core them and freeze them ready for putting in winter pies and crumbles.  I’ve not got into drying them yet and I havent had a lot of luck with storing them due to lack of a suitable space that’s cool yet airy.

But my favourite recipe is one that I made last year and finished the last of the batch last week… apple butter.  Its an American recipe, and Dawn says I make it too thick, it should be more gloopy, but I must admit I like it sort of spreadable but coming out in a lump, not dripping.  So anyway, I made five pots yesterday, and managed to spill some on my fingers as I was ladling into a pot, so burning my fingers somewhat!  One of the pots is going to Caroline, so I hope she likes it.

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