No Survey November

It’s the first year since I came to Norfolk that I haven’t had bird surveys to do in November.  First year it was the Plover survey, then the Bird Atlas started.  Today was the sort of day I would have been up and out to do them.  We’ve had some cool cloudy days and the migrants are in, but the cloud has got a hole in it over Norfolk and we have a lovely sunny day. True, there’s a keen east wind, which is putting a little bit of a taint in the air from all the cooking going on at a well known factory, but it’s not as bad as freshly strewn silage!

I decided that I need to take a bit more exercise than just bird watching walks.  Survey walks are better as they are timed and you are supposed to swing along at a reasonable pace.  So I set off along the start of one of my walks at a good pace, and carried on where I’d usually turn left, then turned right where I would usually turn left if I was staying in the village.  Up the hill and back along a lightly used single track road called Rabbit Lane (I didnt see any rabbits, although there were plenty of rooks in the field), then back down the main road (which was quiet) from the factory and back to the village. Should have taken my camera. (Thanks Ute for the lovely leaves pic!)

The bullfinch were back in the area we call The Bushes, which was good as I thought they bred there the year before but they’d seemed to disappear this year.  Also lots of tits of various denominations, robins, wrens, dunnock and blackbirds.  Other finches including green, gold and chaffinch.  No kingfishers but some gadwall on one of the lakes.  A mistle thrush up by Rabbit Lane who may well have been the same one in The Bushes.

Just a normal sort of day really.    Next November there’ll be a winter thrush survey.


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