Real Seeds

My new season’s seeds arrived today – from the Real Seed Catalogue.  This is a small business that grows veg to produce seed and so keep good stock for gardeners going strong.  They have a limited number of varieties but a huge range of unusual ones.  All are tested under regular growing conditions for enthusiasts who want to eat them, not as a commercial crop.  They also encourage you to save your own seed – and give instructions!

This year’s seeds are:

  • White beetroot
  • Long Lisse de Meaux Carrot (to complement the Jaune du Doubs I got last year)
  • Mantovano Florence Fennel (still in search of a fennel I can get to bulb up)
  • Azur blue Kohl Rabi
  • Tender & True Parsnip (never tried parsnip before since Fred & George didnt eat them)
  • Atika root parsley (something new!)
  • Minutina Buckshorn Plantain (a complete guess but I reckon it’ll be nice in salad and the boys should like it)
  • Belleville Sorrel (another experiment)
  • Amish Paste plum-type tomato
  • Champion of England Tall Climbing Pea (grows to 10 foot high!)
  • Double standard sweetcorn ( a bicolor variety reputed to stand variable temperature better than the one I tried last year)

If any of my friends would like a sample of seed (as in most cases there is too much for me), let me know which!

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