April Up-date

As I said in previous posts this year, my new business interests are engrossing me, and I’m putting my energies into promoting them, developing new product lines, blogging about them (making use of the A to Z Blog Challenge for April) and tweeting them!  I just looked at my Year of the Dragon post here which looks astonishingly accurate, but reminded me to pay attention to study.  So it’s a good thing I read a book on marketing in my field at the weekend.  Of course, that just gave me more ideas, but most importantly it made me think about it strategically.

It is also important to pay attention to one’s physical and social life of course.  Gardening, bird surveys and sport have all ramped up a gear this month.

I am way behind where I was with the garden this time last year but that is deliberate, in part due to the cold weather after the false spring in March, and partly because my efforts were severely set back by frost and lack of water last May.  This year I have fewer seedlings on the go in trays and modules, I have two cucumbers from my brother but haven’t sown my own yet (this weekend, I think), but I have all my tomatoes sown or sprouted now.  I have sown some root vegetables in two of the beds, having cleared the overwintering broccoli and kale out.  Eventually they did quite well, but I still doubt whether broccoli is really worth the effort and the space it needs.  I think I should put more effort into one of the other crops to grow with the kale next winter.  The overwintering broad bean seeds have only had three sprout, and I sowed some more of the hybrid Crimson Flowered ones a little late (March) which are just coming through.  I am out of the Super Aquadulce seed-beans, so must remember to save a pod of beans or two from this crop.  I prefer them to the others.

The weather hasnt helped me get going on the bird surveys so far.  I have done the first Breeding Bird Survey a few days later than planned.  It wasn’t a perfect day but it was dry and not too cold.  Most other early mornings have either been hard frost or wet.  I’d like to get the second one done this weekend, provided we don’t have too much rain and part of the track becomes impassible, which it does when the river is high.  Then I’ll nip over to Winterton before the end of the month for a lovely morning on the dunes there.  Then there will be two nightingale surveys, well, four visits, two to each area.  I was going to wait till I heard a nightingale here before doing them!  Blackcaps are here and I think I heard and saw a garden warbler today.  I need to get my ear in tune though.  Then there will be night-time nightinagle surveys and the second Breeding Bird Surveys to fit in.  Hope the weather is ok in early mornings.

I do very well for bird-watching while I work though.  Like the Little Egret that was fishing around the weir for most of last week.  And the Sparrowhawk that goes through daily on some sort of schedule!


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