Realisations of my mortality – A Jubilee Wood

Funny how things come to you.  I was preparing to plant the first trees in our village’s Jubilee Wood when I realised that the chances of my seeing it in fifty years time are slim, to say the least.  I know my family have a tendency to get to their 90s and even a couple who made the big 00, but when I helped plant the Jubilee Oak even I laugh at the image of my riding round in a buggy to celebrate its 50th birthday.  But if I can, I hope someone will help me do it.  So I invited the schoolchildren that came to help plant, especially those aged ten, to make sure they celebrated the woods half-centenary.

It’s a lovely potential wood.  Currently full of small saplings of rowan, silver birch, wild cherry, hawthorn, hazel and dogwood, all supposrted by cames and spiral guards.  A forest of spiral guards.  It was fun planting it and I met a lot of nice people doing so.


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