Four years!

WordPress just reminded me it had been four years since I first registered for a blog here.  How time flies – and how my blogging has changed.  Then it was all about this blog, with bits of gardening and guinea pigs and general interest things.

Then the guinea pigs got their own blog – George’s Guinea Pig World, and I started a composting blog for my neighbourhood that has rather fallen by the wayside, but could still take off when we get our community vegetable garden going.

Then the guinea pigs got me writing stories about them…  and then friends suggested I publish them.  So these days most of my time is spent blogging about books on the Jemima Pett blog, and giving news and updates on the official Princelings website.

But I still like to blog about my garden and its fruit and veg, and the things I cook (I have an unsustainable rainbow cake recipe to make for Easter) and also events like astronomy and earth science things.  There’s a comet due this month, for example.  PANSTARRS or something like that.  It might be as good as Hale-Bopp, but might not.  Watch in the west in the early evening from mid-March.

And I’m on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, mainly doing author type things like promoting my books!.

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