So far no Panstarrs

It was supposed to be best placed for viewing around 45-60 mins after sunset with a clear sky. I drove up to the top of a hill about a mile or so away, with a clear view to the west.  I had a clear sky but an annoying bank of cloud on the horizon.  If Panstarrs was there, I reckon it was behind the cloud, although others have said it is faint and not likely to be picked up without binoculars.  I did scan with my binoculars.  Picked up quite a lot of planes a long way in the distance, but no comet.  Ah well, better luck next time we have a clear sky.


One thought on “So far no Panstarrs

  1. That’s the crescent moon, by the way. There was good earthshine on it, but of course my little camera doesnt pick that up.

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