January already

If I’m not very good at blogging on here, be reassured that I seem to have lost track of keeping my journal as well.  I blame it on my alter egos, all of whom blog regularly – some more so than others.

Last year was a tricky one, since I had a series of mishaps followed by heavy colds, and things sort of got lost in the mists of my self-pity.  One is allowed to go through sloughs of despond every now and then, but hopefully I’m coming out of it.  My new year’s resolution is simply to look after myself a little better.

Part of that is to get involved in things and to enjoy what I have.  I’m combining those by entering the village’s Garden Open Day in June.  I have a lot to do to get my garden ready for June. No. 1 is to make a plan of what to do and when, so it isn’t all a last-minute panic.  I think I’ll enjoy doing that.

Watch this space!


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