When I started out (in 2009!), this blog was primarily to allow me to explore WordPress and try things out before publishing them to my website.

Then I got that working (in only a couple of months) so I said I’d turn this blog over to other aspects of things that interest me and share them with friends.  “It’s going to be very organic” I said, “it’ll grow as I decide to put more stuff on.  But so far I think it’ll be about my animals – 4 guinea pigs; my birds – I’m a keen birdwatcher (not a twitcher, thank you very much!), and my garden.  And probably about climate change, waste, composting, sustainable  living, how to get my home to be closer to zero-carbon, and maybe when I get round to sorting out the contents of my Dad’s box he’ll be blogging about early commercial aviation from beyond the blue horizon….”

Two and a half years on I had blogs for the guinea pigs and for my Dad’s box;  Geoffrey’s Box contains transcriptions of all Dad’s tapes and my stories were now books – the Princelings of the East had three books and their author has her own website.

Six years from the start; I’m a full time publisher of my own books, blogging to keep some sort of discoverability for The Princelings of the East series (six books) and the soon-to-be-published White Water Landings (my dad’s memoirs).  There’s a new website for a new science fiction project: the Viridian System Series, and I have a publisher website as well.

This blog is still about life at home, but rarely updated, in truth.  It’s a Journal really, although I still keep a written journal too.  More immediate stuff appears on my Facebook pages.

So its mainly about my garden, my lifestyle and attempts to make it more sustainable, and the journeys that takes me on.  Like making more homemade dishes, and baking and preserving.  And I learn to make it more proactive and maybe link a bit more with other blogsites and get a bit more connected.  After all sustainable living doesn’t mean typing at my keyboard the whole time – it has to connect with other people.  And at last we have a village hall to reunite our community.

Feel free to comment if you’d like to!