I dont know when I first started being interested in birds.  I know I had all the wildlife books and I like animal stories.  I remember my dad put up a nest box outside my bedroom window under the eaves and a blue tit nested in it.

I know I had my own pair of binoculars by the time I went to college.  I had a new pair in 1994, a lightweight pair, but they’ve been through a lot of dusty roads (I think the tiger watching holiday was a dust too far) and I recently reverted to using my original ones.  They have better light-gathering qualities than the lightweight ones.

Most of what I did was to just enjoy watching birds, seeing different ones and also seeing my regular visitors.  I fed the birds at my old house and delighted in them using my garden but didnt sign up to do any surveys or recording of birds until everything went online – and then I took up the BTO Garden Bird Watch with enthusiasm!  Then it was just a small step to Birdtrack and I discovered I am a compulsive lister.  Well I always did have a yen for collecting things.  But not a twitcher – I dont go chasing round the countryside for the latest rarity.  I just like to see what I see in my favourite areas and explore new places.

When I came to Norfolk I discovered heaven in birdwatching terms.  I also discovered the joys of surveys.  First I took part in the Plover survey of 2006-7, then the Little Ringed Plover survey in 2007 which I did very badly I’m afraid, partly due to the weather and partly due to a bad foot which meant that days I could cope with walking were limited (and invariably wet).  I was also too new to the area I think.

But when the BTO started the fieldwork for the new Bird Atlas 2007-11 I was ready willing and able to get involved.  And then my Regional Organiser asked if I’d like to do the Breeding Bird Survey…..  and so it continues.

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