Laid low all summer

It wasn’t much of a summer.  Well, here it went from cold and dry to hot and dry to a bit of both.  Then when the rest of the country was saying “no more rain, please” we were saying, “no, more rain, please!”  It’s finally arrived, just as I’m fit enough to go outside and do some work again. Continue reading


Welcome home Dylan and Dougall

I lost my dear guinea pig Fred on 18th November, which left Victor on his own again.  It’s not good for a pig to be alone, although he does have Hector and Humphrey living next door.  But I heard of a lady who had a piggy that had given birth to a sow and two boars, and I’d rather got myself lined up to take them when they were ready to leave mum.

So they came home yesterday and were named Dylan and Dougall today.  And Vic seems to be quite happy in his new role of Uncle!

Devastating loss

It’s just over a week since the shocking loss of my beautiful Fred. Continue reading


Taking stock

I can’t believe it’s only two weeks since Hugo died.  It seems like months.  It’s also three months now since George died and that seems no time at all but also a lifetime ago.  Victor and Fred seemed to have settled in ok together.  They still have minor irritations and Victor has learnt to stand his ground against Hector, so he is rather more forceful than he need be when telling Fred he wants something and Fred is in the way.  Poor Fred seems quite taken aback by the change in his fortunes.  He is in all his old haunts, but the newcomer seems to have taken over. Continue reading


Farewell, my cheeky boy

Hugo died on Friday 29th July after a short illness, but it was the culmination of a long deterioration due to kidney or bladder stones which may or may not have been present eighteen months ago, but had showed up on xrays this spring.  Thanks to treatment by the Cambridge Cavy Trust he seemed to have recovered his old joie de vivre during late June and early July, and was almost managing to put a little weight on, but he developed pneumonia on the Monday of his last week, responding to antibiotics in the middle of the night, but being admitted to hospital at AllCreatures Healthcare on Tuesday, where he was well cared for and kept in an oxygen rich environment.  I visited him daily, and gave him a gentle cuddle, and a few herbs and a little cucumber to tempt him.  He was trying his best but obviously not a well piggy, and went downhill on Friday morning, having given me a big kiss on Thursday when I put him back in his cage. Continue reading


Keeping busy

I’ve been very busy since George died but it hasnt really helped to get over him.  I’m a bit depressed but I suppose that’s natural.

Hugo, my lovely cheeky chocolate and white boar has been diagnosed with bladder stones and has had a series of treatments for them, some of which involved long journeys and unexpected in-patient treatment followed by long journeys to collect him again.  He has recovered a lot of his cheekiness and activeness, but is still squeaking when weeing, so is still having problems with the stones, poor mite.  I’m thinking of surgery as the next step for him, which is a bit worrying. Continue reading


Rest in peace sweet Georgiepig

George died on Tuesday May 17th after being admitted by the vet for examination of his mouth.  He had lost more weight over the weekend, down to 980 grams (from 1340 two weeks previously), and I couldn’t get him to take food from the syringe.  I was already administering oral gel to help combat mouth infection and had started him on septrin, an antibiotic, a couple of days earlier. Continue reading


Poorly piggies and dry gardens take time

I’ve been really busy over the last couple of weeks and it seems that the only things I have done are feed and give my guinea pigs their medications (as well as taking them on long trips to the health specialist) and water the garden, trying to keep the plants growing healthily on a minimum amount of water. Continue reading


Hector and Humphrey are staying

Hector and Humphrey, the guinea pigs that I’ve been fostering since 4th November 2010 are staying.  I had mixed feelings about keeping them because, frankly, six pigs is a lot more work (and money) than four pigs, especially as I can’t fit their cage close to the other two, so they are the other end of the kitchen in a smaller cage, and becuase of the smaller space they have they get to go in a run on the kitchen floor for much of the day.  More importantly, I can’t see how I can take six pigs on holiday if I want to go – four is manageable and two forms of cage in the car is feasible, one inside the other – actually F&G have the box the other cage came in, but the ‘other cage’ is now in use all the time by Hector and Humphrey. Continue reading


Hector and Humphrey

I’ve recently taken in two foster piggies as there are so many pigs pouring into the Norfolk rescue at present, many of the sows pregnant, and these two had already been there a couple of months and need more handling than they can get at a snowed under rescue. Continue reading