2 billion seconds

At just after 13:38 today I will be 2,000,000,000 seconds old.

Thank you timeanddate.com for helpng me work that out!


Laid low all summer

It wasn’t much of a summer.  Well, here it went from cold and dry to hot and dry to a bit of both.  Then when the rest of the country was saying “no more rain, please” we were saying, “no, more rain, please!”  It’s finally arrived, just as I’m fit enough to go outside and do some work again. Continue reading

A tribute to Daphne

When I came to Norfolk, over 5 years ago now, I looked around for somewhere to play golf, and joined a new club.  It was much more serious than the place I’d played before, and quite intimidating for a newbie, although most of the players tried not to make it so.  One of those who welcomed me and drew me in, played with me more often than not, was Daphne. Continue reading

Beside the sea

We’ve been having very high temperatures for this time of year for the last few days.  I managed to have a very pleasant afternoon on the coast at Caister.  I was walking round the golf course there supporting our team in the final of a County competition.  The sound of the waves, the smell of the briny, the call of the seagulls…  When I got back to the car it was reading 24 degrees, and I thought, yes, light breeze, pleasant sunshine, a very comfortable temperature. Continue reading

Steve Barton

It’s ten years today since Steve Barton died, and I still miss him very much.

Steve was a hugely talented star of musical theatre, an actor, singer and dancer who had terrific stage presence.  An American, born in Arkansas, but as he said “a naturalised Texan”, he met his wife, Denny Berry, when they were at the University of Texas at Austin, and left to forge a career in Europe, first in dance, then in the new forms of musical that emerged demanding not only actors that could sing, but who moved well, and well enough to handle modern dance forms. Continue reading