March has nearly gone

… and it’s a year till I have my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Spitzbergen for the total eclipse.  I had a target to lose enough weight to wear my ski gear, but I’ll have to do something drastic now to achieve that.

Spring has sprung in the garden, with the prunus in full bloom.  We haven’t had much cool weather this winter – up till two weeks ago we’d only had four frosts.  Since then we’ve had four a week.  But the plants that are out at the moment are fine with it, and the sun is really bright and warm during the day – you just need to be sheltered from the wind.  The over-wintered veggies are fine, the seeds have been planted for the early veg and the tomatoes, and the kohl rabi and peas are already up and developing their first true leaves.

I entered for the village Open Garden event in June, but it seems that too few of us did.  I think I ought to conitnue with my plan anyway, just to make sure I carry out all the tidying I scheduled in January.  There’s a lot to do, but half an hour a day would make all the difference.

Busy, busy, as usual!