Green tomatoes anyone?

After a middling summer, garden-wise, I finally got a reasonable crop of tomatoes, of which about six ripened before it was time to bring them indoors.  I’m pleased to say that most of them have come on splendidly with a bit of tlc and sunshine on the bathroom windowsill (with a little help from a banana). Continue reading


Quite a lot of sprouts… and Leek & Walnut pudding

The Christmas dinner went well, the asparagus tart on Boxing Day was splendid, the left over strudel with a mushroom sauce was great on the holiday Monday.  On Tuesday I had a large breakfast to help James on his journey home, and I think I had cheese and biscuits or a salad sandwich for dinner.  On Wednesday I had Brussels sprout soup for lunch and beetroot and courgette soup (from the freezer) for supper.  On Thursday I played golf  then had Brussels sprout risotto for dinner.  You are beginning to see a theme here… Continue reading